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Welcome to BitQuest,
the Minecraft server that runs on Bitcoin.
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About BitQuest

BitQuest is a first Minecraft server with a Bitcoin economy. You can spend Bitcoin on items, land or actually win some by killing monsters.

The server moderators and project mantainers are:

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is open source, descentralized cash that can be used in games and real life. It is backed by the Blockchain a distributed ledger owned by all Bitcoin users.

How to play

To play in BitQuest you must own the official Minecraft client for PC/Mac/Linux.

Using Minecraft 1.9 you can connect to:

This server is still under development, and bugs can, and most likely will, happen. Please report any bugs to a moderator promptly, to ensure they are fixed. Also note that your wallet is not guaranteed, and you may experience issues with your balance. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you do not deposit large amounts, or anything you do not wish to place at risk by being tied to the server. In addition, if you are caught breaking rules and are banned, you forfeit your access to your server wallet, and all funds tied to it. With this said, rules are non-negotiable, and will be strictly enforced. This server is a fair server, and anyone abusing any system set in place will be punished. Please play fair, have fun, and enjoy the server

Getting started...

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